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  • Just Being Kind

    This week I was faced with a barrage of insults, attacks and basically degradation.

    I did an Erstwilder release. I have so much stock from over 4 years of being a stockist and I decided it needed to be cleared. So, I decided to do it in a series of releases on the JATOE website. I knew a lot of these brooches were valuable and unicorns for brooch collectors, but I decided to sell at RRP.

    It was my Random Act of Kindness for the day, Wednesday, 18th of October, 2017.

    What I wasn't prepared for was the vitriolic attack on me, my mother, my partner and my website.

    Yes, I was 6 minutes late opening the website. I was still putting in inventory. I had tried to keep the website open as long as possible so people could see the Erstwilder brooches we had and where they were on the website. It helps so you know exactly where to go to get your unicorn.

    I had spent the day, before the release, putting tips up about how to secure a unicorn and explain how the cart of the website works. I had posted so many screenshots and I made a collection up on the homepage so people just had to click on it, to go to all of the Erstwilder we had.

    Well, 6 minutes late was the end of the world. I was launched at by a barrage of people on a brooch group. I was attacked by how our cart works, even though I had put it on Instagram and on JATOE's business Facebook page. My website couldn't handle the traffic because it couldn't handle a "spike" of people on the website and we had a narrow bandwith. So, essentially, they were attacking David.

    The JATOE website is not a free website, it is not a cheap website. It is a website, from Shopify, that I bought and paid a lot of money for. As for the bandwith; JATOE can handle thousands of people on our page and using our cart and the three different payment options we have. 

    Essentially, on this group, we were attacked by a group of, what I call, "Bush IT Experts". Everything they said was completely untrue and it was degrading to JATOE. David is an IT Expert. He actually, even though he wouldn't say it because he is such a humble man, is an IT genius.

    My mother had driven for two days to help me prepare for the release. It took us two weeks and we were trying to make everything as easy as possible for our customers.

    No one attacks my mother. I'm a placid person, but if you mess with my mother, I am going to come out swinging.

    I could not believe that I was being attacked and being called a, "joke" after I had put all of these brooches up for RRP. When I put a post up on one particular group, I advised them to follow our Instagram (@Jatoe1) and follow our Facebook business page for our updates, tips, etc. 

    Of course, the people who did not do that, were the most mean.

    I am very grateful to the people who came out in support of me. They turned out to be, probably 98% of people.

    To be kind, costs nothing. If you haven't got anything nice to say, keep your mouth shut and certainly don't put it up on Social Media for all and sundry to see it. 

    At the end of any website and especially with a small business website, there are real people with real emotions and no one has the right to be mean, nasty and downright awful. We have feelings just like everyone else, so to those people, how dare you behave in such a way when I have provided all of these "gems" at RRP. You should be utterly ashamed of yourselves. It was quite disgusting.

    To those people who have supported me and JATOE, thank you from the bottom of my heart. You know how important it is to me to do Random Acts of Kindness each day. It is part of my life and you never know what that act of kindness can do for someone. It can make their day.

    Be kind to each other. The world needs more kindness. And, brooches are pieces of resin, plastic or acrylic and it is not the end of the world when you don't get what you want. It is a "want", not a "need" and brooch fanatics need to remember that.

    Love you, mean it!



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  • Living with Invisible Disabilities

    I am one of those people who live with invisible disabilities. Unfortunately, last week, they became very visible.

    I could not stand or walk. I have Rheumatoid Arthritis and have done so since I was 13 years old. Now that I am in my 40's the Rheumatoid has become dogged. It attacks my organs as well as my joints. The pain can be unbearable and there have been many times my partner, David, has found me, passed out on the floor. 

    For me, Level 10 of the pain scale, is passed out.

    I also had an accident nearly 10 years ago. It was a workplace accident and it occurred on the 11th of October, 2007. That date is etched into my memory and each year the 11th of October is difficult to me.

    Basically, it was me, all 5 foot 3 and a half of me, against a two sided trolley of 100 steel framed chairs. I was toast. The extent of my injuries took 4 years to discover. After 20 painful surgeries, I was found Totally and Permanently Disabled. When I was having my surgeries, my disability was evident, but when you no longer have the paraphernalia, people don't see the disability.

    In 2016, I had Septicaemia for 8 weeks. 8 weeks of poisoned blood travelling through every organ and system in your body. Then I got the bad one, Golden Staph Septicaemia. That one nearly did me in. I was on the hardcore antibiotics for 4 weeks and I was so sick. It takes around 12-18 months to get over it and I struggle every day with the damage it did to my body.

    Some days (though they are few) will be a good day. For me a good day is when the pain is bearable and I can stay awake for 8 eight hours straight. Most days are bad days. I'm riddled with pain, unable to keep food down and limping or not walking at all.

    Please remember us guys, with invisible disabilities. We don't want it. We don't want our bodies falling apart, we don't want to be chronically ill and to be in chronic pain.

    JATOE was built when I was found Totally and Permanently Disabled. I was determined not to go on Disability benefits, but, nearly every day is a struggle for me. So if your parcel is a couple of days late, please remember, there is a 40+ year old woman, trying her damn best to keep everyone at JATOE happy.

    Love you, mean it!


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  • My Love Affair with Jubly Umph

    I first discovered Jubly Umph in 2013. I was so excited by it I quickly asked if I could be a stockist.

    Thankfully, they said, "Yes!"

    I am always so excited with what Miss Jubly Umph is going to come up with. I love the quirkiness of the designs, I love that they make a statement and I REALLY LOVE that there is no one like Jubly Umph.

    Jubly Umph has such a wide range of products and over the past four years that I have been stocking it, I have continually been blown away!

    Jubly Umph has homewares that are to die for. Their handbags are among my favourites, and I'm a big handbag girl! They have fabulous wallets that you can actually use and look so funky with the matching handbag. Then there is their jewellery.

    When I am wearing a piece of Jubly Umph jewellery, I know I am going to make a statement. It is going to bold, exciting, quirky and unique. I love brooches and Miss Jubly Umph designs the most fantastic designs. Unlike a lot of brooches, these are made of steel. Not only do they look AMAZING you know that these brooches are not going to break and they are going to have a fantastic life span. I see other brooches that fade and yellow and show their age - but not Jubly Umph!

    They have incredible earrings and necklaces. I love Jubly Umph so much I have an entire collection of the Luna Kitty and Felix the Dapper Fox in one of our bookcases in the JATOE office. 

    I have to be surrounded by things that inspire me and Jubly Umph is an incredible inspiration.

    I also have to be surrounded by art and Miss Jubly Umph creates the most amazing pieces of art. I have prints everywhere and I really encourage you to buy them! When you are having a bad day, you can look at them and just be taken away on a whimsical and quirky journey.

    I'm a huge fan of their pins and I usually wear one a day with a brooch of the many collections of brooches we have. I love the, "Be your own hero" pin. When I need some, "girl power", she goes on my top.

    I encourage you all to seek out the world of Jubly Umph on our website. Those who love individuality, love quirkiness and something that is, "out of the box" is going to adore Jubly Umph. 

    Once you begin your Jubly Umph journey, you'll become addicted. I know I am!

    Love you, mean it!



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  • My Addiction - Deer Arrow

    I discovered Deer Arrow on a group on Facebook. I immediately ordered a piece and David and I were so impressed I asked if JATOE could become a stockist.

    Thankfully, Lauren and Phoebe said, "Yes".

    When Deer Arrow does a release on their website, I'm like a ninja. I want every piece of the collection. I get so excited because I love these brooches!!! I love the acrylic used to create them.

    Not only are they designed beautifully and constructed impeccably, there is just something about Deer Arrow. There's a certain je ne sais pas quelque chose de spécial.

    Deer Arrow is our leading line of brooches and when we do a release, it is bedlam! The amount of orders spewing out of the printer are just amazing.

    I do hope Deer Arrow lovers also check out the rest of our website. As much as I love brooches (I am an addict) we have so many things for the Retro, Rockabilly and Pin Up girl.

    A new release of stock currently sold out on Deer Arrow's website is coming this Saturday - 22nd of April, 2017.

    I can't wait!





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  • Why do I love Pin Up and Retro Fashion?

    Why do I love Pin Up and Retro Fashion?
    Oh, that's easy! Style, elegance, sophistication, grace, glamour and so much more!
    In my humble opinion, we need more of this. The pendulum has swung backwards and it is so exciting seeing young women and older women embracing the Pin Up style for the first time, or, again. These cuts, these styles, these fabrics are timeless!
    As I said to Georgia when she began to work with me, at our Bricks and Mortar store in Burrum Heads, "There is nothing superficial or silly about wanting to look your best. You choose clothes from the store you WANT to wear to work".
    Georgia has such exceptional taste!
    You just have to look at the Pin Up and Rockabilly bloggers, look at Instagram and you will see Pin Up and Rockabilly everywhere and it's exciting!
    I have always worn the full skirts since I started the Bricks and Mortar store, but now I'm wearing the dresses. I can't get over how comfortable and flattering they are. I feel stylish wearing them. I feel all, "girly" and I just love it.
    Some come to the "dark side" with us and get in touch with your inner glamour queen!
    Love you, mean it!

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  • Exciting News! Zip Pay is Coming to Just a Touch of Everything - JATOE!

    Our new website, www,jatoe.com.au is about to introduce Zip Pay for our customers!

    It makes it so easy for them as they can pay for their purchases in increments. I think it is very important that we have this facility for our customers as we do not do lay bys. They have always been problematic and it is just so much easier having Zip Pay.

    I hope you all love it!

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