AfterPay and zipPay and What it Means to Customers

AfterPay and zipPay are interest free options for customers. It does help us as we do not do lay bys, however many people will not be aware of the astronomical costs to a business.

We are charged up to 6.4% of a sale and a transaction fee. This may not be a problem for larger businesses and companies who have much higher profit margins than JATOE. We have always tried to keep our costs down.

As a result of losing 10% from the GST and now 6.4% from these credit providers, JATOE has had no choice but to increase its prices on certain products. We don't want to have to do this, but we are only a small business.

It is the customer's responsibility to ensure they have enough credit on their accounts. JATOE cannot intervene if you have insufficient funds. It is like using a credit or debit card. If your bank doesn't have the funds, the order will not be processed.

Also, AfterPay and zipPay have elongated the time they pay businesses. It is now taking up to four days for us to be paid. We do not ship items until we have received the money in our bank account. If you have a problem with this, I think it is best to bring this up with AfterPay and zipPay. We send out an email informing you we have the order and we will ship as soon as we receive payment.

JATOE offers AfterPay and zipPay to its customers, but what is free to customers is not free to businesses.

Love you, mean it!