Building a New Re-Vamped Website for JATOE: Just a Touch of Everything

It is an enormous challenge to build a website. JATOE's old website company went bust and I was left with the dilemma of whether or not to build a new website. I had the bricks and mortar store, I had an eBay store; was I prepared for the enormous task of building a new website?

I finally decided, "Yes". This website would feature fashion and accessories I was passionate about. It meant creating a whole new logo that was different to the old "Just a Touch of Everything" logo and importing so many things from the UK.

Is it worth it?

Yes. I missed having a website. I still had my dialogue with my eBay customers - they are just wonderful - and I had my dialogue with my customers in my bricks and mortar store, but I missed the dialogue with my website customers.

I have been so ill this year. I had Septicemia earlier in the year, which knocked me on my behind, then I got the "bad" one, Golden Staph Septicemia. That one nearly did me in and I am in the 12-18 month recovery period of it. I tire very easily BUT I have the wonderful, Georgia to help me in the bricks and mortar store and she is starting to learn about how we do our orders up. My aim has always been to ensure our parcels surpass anything anyone has ever seen from an online store.

So here we go! I pray 2017 is a much better year than 2016. 2016 was just the pits! 

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