COVID-19 and What that Means for JATOE

2020 has probably been the worst year in the 21st century. We have this virus that constantly mutates and currently we have 16.4 million confirmed cases (at the time of writing this) and we know of about 655,000 deaths. To be blunt, we really don't know the exact figures. In Australia there is more transparency, but in other countries there is not and then we have the most impoverished and disenfranchised countries not having the resources to even test, let alone combat this virus. 

We are learning that even when you survive Covid-19, there are health repercussions afterwards. We are learning that Covid-19 leaves some people with damage to their heart, their lungs, and their brains. We are seeing how the central nervous system is affected by this virus. We are seeing people developing blood clots on the lungs, heart and brain, after they have "recovered" from the actual virus. We are seeing antibodies dying after approximately 90 days.  

On top of this we have had the biggest racial movement since the 1960's. For a lot of us, that is not even in our lifetime.

What does this mean for JATOE?

It means I live in isolation. I am the only person who is preparing orders. It means everything must be sterilised with each order and I must sterilise myself between orders. It means an order that would usually take me 20 minutes to do up, is now taking me over an hour.

It means I am currently running late on orders. I do apologise for this and I am very sorry.

It means Australia Post cannot keep up with the influx of parcels. It means overseas postal systems cannot keep up. I know I have been waiting for in excess of three months for purchases I have made from overseas.

I am trying the best I can. I am emailing customers to keep them in the loop. Communication is key and I am trying my best.

Hoping you are all safe and well. Hoping your families and friends are safe and well. We are all in this together and we must work as a community as we navigate events we have not seen in most of our lifetimes.

Love you, mean it!