My Addiction - Deer Arrow

I discovered Deer Arrow on a group on Facebook. I immediately ordered a piece and David and I were so impressed I asked if JATOE could become a stockist.

Thankfully, Lauren and Phoebe said, "Yes".

When Deer Arrow does a release on their website, I'm like a ninja. I want every piece of the collection. I get so excited because I love these brooches!!! I love the acrylic used to create them.

Not only are they designed beautifully and constructed impeccably, there is just something about Deer Arrow. There's a certain je ne sais pas quelque chose de spécial.

Deer Arrow is our leading line of brooches and when we do a release, it is bedlam! The amount of orders spewing out of the printer are just amazing.

I do hope Deer Arrow lovers also check out the rest of our website. As much as I love brooches (I am an addict) we have so many things for the Retro, Rockabilly and Pin Up girl.

A new release of stock currently sold out on Deer Arrow's website is coming this Saturday - 22nd of April, 2017.

I can't wait!





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