My Love Affair with Jubly Umph

I first discovered Jubly Umph in 2013. I was so excited by it I quickly asked if I could be a stockist.

Thankfully, they said, "Yes!"

I am always so excited with what Miss Jubly Umph is going to come up with. I love the quirkiness of the designs, I love that they make a statement and I REALLY LOVE that there is no one like Jubly Umph.

Jubly Umph has such a wide range of products and over the past four years that I have been stocking it, I have continually been blown away!

Jubly Umph has homewares that are to die for. Their handbags are among my favourites, and I'm a big handbag girl! They have fabulous wallets that you can actually use and look so funky with the matching handbag. Then there is their jewellery.

When I am wearing a piece of Jubly Umph jewellery, I know I am going to make a statement. It is going to bold, exciting, quirky and unique. I love brooches and Miss Jubly Umph designs the most fantastic designs. Unlike a lot of brooches, these are made of steel. Not only do they look AMAZING you know that these brooches are not going to break and they are going to have a fantastic life span. I see other brooches that fade and yellow and show their age - but not Jubly Umph!

They have incredible earrings and necklaces. I love Jubly Umph so much I have an entire collection of the Luna Kitty and Felix the Dapper Fox in one of our bookcases in the JATOE office. 

I have to be surrounded by things that inspire me and Jubly Umph is an incredible inspiration.

I also have to be surrounded by art and Miss Jubly Umph creates the most amazing pieces of art. I have prints everywhere and I really encourage you to buy them! When you are having a bad day, you can look at them and just be taken away on a whimsical and quirky journey.

I'm a huge fan of their pins and I usually wear one a day with a brooch of the many collections of brooches we have. I love the, "Be your own hero" pin. When I need some, "girl power", she goes on my top.

I encourage you all to seek out the world of Jubly Umph on our website. Those who love individuality, love quirkiness and something that is, "out of the box" is going to adore Jubly Umph. 

Once you begin your Jubly Umph journey, you'll become addicted. I know I am!

Love you, mean it!



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