JATOE has a bricks and mortar store. I love it. It is filled with joy and happiness and love. Georgia and I come to work with big smiles on our faces.

JATOE is based in a little seaside village and in school holiday season we get thousands of tourists. Out of these tourists, there is about 2% that shoplift from my store. 

As far as I am concerned it is STEALING. "Shoplifting" is just a watered down term for STEALING. Someone has come into my store; a store that is filled with happiness and joy; a store where I have paid for every single item from my OWN money; and has stolen from me. It is a violation, it feels horrid and because someone is stealing directly from "ME", it's devastating.

Today I went to do up an order for one of our regular customers. It was her first order from my new website and I had to send her a message that her dress had been stolen. I feel dreadful. I feel dreadful for my faithful and loyal customer.

"Shoplifting", or more correctly, "stealing" is a crime and I will lay charges against anyone I catch stealing from my store.

I do hate writing a negative blog. :(


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