Why do I love Pin Up and Retro Fashion?

Why do I love Pin Up and Retro Fashion?
Oh, that's easy! Style, elegance, sophistication, grace, glamour and so much more!
In my humble opinion, we need more of this. The pendulum has swung backwards and it is so exciting seeing young women and older women embracing the Pin Up style for the first time, or, again. These cuts, these styles, these fabrics are timeless!
As I said to Georgia when she began to work with me, at our Bricks and Mortar store in Burrum Heads, "There is nothing superficial or silly about wanting to look your best. You choose clothes from the store you WANT to wear to work".
Georgia has such exceptional taste!
You just have to look at the Pin Up and Rockabilly bloggers, look at Instagram and you will see Pin Up and Rockabilly everywhere and it's exciting!
I have always worn the full skirts since I started the Bricks and Mortar store, but now I'm wearing the dresses. I can't get over how comfortable and flattering they are. I feel stylish wearing them. I feel all, "girly" and I just love it.
Some come to the "dark side" with us and get in touch with your inner glamour queen!
Love you, mean it!

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