Postage Policy - International


JATOE is a small business that operates in Burrum Heads, Queensland, Australia.

Please remember that the Australian dollar is very weak against the Greenback, the Euro and the Pound. For the USA, our prices are 30% cheaper for you. If you are in Europe or the UK our prices are 35% to 45% cheaper for you.

For International Postage, we charge a flat rate of $36.99. This may seem to be a lot, however it is the only way we can post your order with FULL TRACKING. 

You receive an email from JATOE with your tracking order number, you receive an email from PayPal with your tracking order number and you receive an email from Australia Post's My Post with your tracking order number. The My Post email often goes into your Spam or Junk Mail Folder. Please add it to your "Safe Senders" list so you can track your parcel.

This rate pays ONLY FOR ITEMS UNDER 500 grams.

If your order comes to over 500 grams, YOU WILL BE SENT AN INVOICE FOR THE REMAINING POSTAGE.

As JATOE has to subsidise so much Domestic Postage, we cannot subsidise International Postage as well.


  • The postage. That is all we charge for.


  • The packaging
  • The boxes
  • The satchels
  • Anything, but the postage

Australians are used to paying a fortune for postage from international websites. We are also used to waiting between 4-6 weeks for a parcel to arrive.

Australians are also used to paying anywhere between $50 to $100 for shipping from the USA and UK.

With Australia Post, it can take up to 2 weeks for your parcel to arrive to you. The only reason it would be delayed is because of your country's Customs.

We live in a time when Customs in most countries, especially the United States of America and France, are taking longer than usual. There is just so much terrorist activity.

Once a parcel has left JATOE and has been lodged with Australia Post, we have no power over how long the parcel will get to you. Each time a parcel has taken over two weeks to get to a customer, it has been because the parcel is in your country's Customs.

These are part of the Terms and Conditions of our store and when you purchase from us, you are agreeing to this Postage Policy - International.