Banned Happy Days - White Nikki Handbag

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I just adore this handbag. I can't wait for the red version to come back into stock. It's a classic for those who love the 1950's and Pin Up. It's gorgeous, it's delightful and you should do everything possible to make it yours! It's not an "every day" bag - well, it wouldn't be for me as I have to use Tote bags during the day. I carry way too many things for me!

  • It has a sweet heart-shaped wicker design
  • An off white lining
  • Flap and turn clasp closure
  • Fits all the essentials for those days or nights out that don't need a bigger handbag.

Approximate size: Height 9 inches, Width 11 inches, Depth 6 inches, Handle Height 6 inches

This one does come with a dust cover so there is no excuse for you to not store it properly!

With every handbag you have you should store it properly and use the the right protections and cleaners to keep your bag in top shape. This doesn't matter if its Leather, PU, Vegan Leather or Nylon.  For my cleaning and protection needs, I go to Strandbags. I have a collection of handbags that would make most women's jaws drop to the floor, but I swear by storing, cleaning and protecting. You can't go wrong. If you are not looking after your handbags properly, you are very naughty and need a smack on the bottom with a wooden spoon! 

Love you, mean it!
This bag weighs over 500 grams and is sent in a box for international customers.