Banned - Heart of Gold Black Cat Tote Bag

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The crazy cat lady strikes, again! Honestly, you have to admit it is kind of cute, even if you are not a cat fan. It was one of those things; I saw it, I thought it looked great, I bought a sample and now JATOE stocks them! It is a really nice size tote bag and you will get many compliments; trust me *grin*

Here is some information about the Heart of Gold Black Cat Tote Bag. I bet you love those eyes!

  • Comes with detachable black vinyl shoulder strap
  • Main compartment is lined in black cotton with side zip pocket on one side and organiser pockets on the other
  • External zip pocket on back for easy access (approximately 17cms x 11cms)
  • Full length zip closure for access to main compartment
  • Imported from the UK
  • Measurements: Length: 47cms (18 1/2')
  • Height: 40cms (15 6/8')
  • Depth: 12cms (4 6/8")

I am a handbag girl.

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Love you, mean it!