Banned - Heart of Gold Coin Purse

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This little cutie, from Banned was too hard to resist! It, of course, needs its Heart of Gold Handbag to ensure the collection is complete! 

We are currently out of stock of the handbag, but we hope to restock soon!

A coin purse, is only a little purse. Some of us older folk, yep, I mean "me" are used to coin purses. It is so your wallet doesn't expand so much in width with all of the coins you get at the check out when you are shopping. 

I find them really handy for when I get hit up for a donation in a shopping centre. I can just reach into my tote, grab my coin purse and put a few bob in the collection tin.

I love the rigid sides of this. It makes for easy storage. Yes, even a coin purse has to be stored correctly. You don't need as much stuffing to retain the shape.

Little Heart of Gold is 8 centimetres high - not including her ears.

She is 3.5 centimetres deep - a great deal of coin storage!

She also comes with a key ring on the end of her and she is made of 100% PU. 

Love you, mean it!