Banned - Lace Bolero

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I adore this bolero. It has so much stretch in the lace and it makes a boring tank top or singlet or sleeveless piece of clothing look so stunning!

Banned - Happy Days from the UK never lets you down with their range and quality of their products. They make the most beautiful clothes and gorgeous accessories. I am a diehard fan! I discovered it online and Banned has never let me down.

When putting this item on you must be careful of your finger nails. You don't want to put a hole in the beautiful stretch lace. The entire garment is made of stretch lace.

Care for this product is essential. I wash all of my clothes on the delicate wash, inside out. I hang out my washing, inside out as I never want the sun to bleach my beautiful clothing. I don't believe in fast fashion and would rather buy quality products that will last me for years.

With this bolero it is ESSENTIAL you wash it in a delicates bag. If you do not have one, wash it by hand. You do not want any other clothing to stretch the lace unnecessarily.

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