Banned Last Dance Cropped Cardigan Red

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I love this cardigan. It is super stretchy and for some reason it has really long arms. I fold them over and push them up!

This cardigan is already key holed for you. Key holing is big at the moment. Before you wear, obviously wash the garment (I have tips for washing, below) and delicately iron the two pieces you tie into a bow. It will make your bow hold its shape better.

This cardigan is 70%VISCOSE 30%NYLON KNITTED. A little trick to use for your cardigan. I do this all of the time. When you sit down and you have your cardigan fully buttoned up, it can gape and show things people really don't want to see. With this particular cardigan, where the keyhole finished, I sewed along the back to make sure the buttons were down along the back. If you do it that way, you won't see any stitching in the front. Just a little tip for you. I buy a lot of Dita Cardigans.

It is perfect for Fall/Autumn and can easily be layered. I adore mine and adore all clothing from Banned - Happy Days. Banned is synonymous with quality and I am not a believer in "fast fashion". I like to buy quality pieces that will last me for years.

To keep your clothing looking the best, always wash on the "delicate cycle". With my cardigans, I turn them inside out and place them in a delicates bag. This allows your cardigan to last for years!

PS: Please send photos of yourself to us. We would love to put them in our blog, our Facebook page,Twitter @joJATOE and Instagram @jojatoe. JATOE has always been considered a family. It started with our Facebook page. It doesn't matter if you have bought from us or not, the Facebook page has always been JATOE's family - always.

Love you, mean it!