Bok Bok B'Gerk Hot Air Balloon Brooch

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JATOE is definitely the store to purchase Australian made brooches!

Imagine you're soaring high above the sky with this two piece hot air balloon brooch set.  If you were an ant you could probably hop on board for a ride, though you possibly wouldn't be able to purchase the brooch in the first place since we don't accept ant currency at this point in time.  Please 'like' our facebook page to make sure you are notified when we do start accepting this currency.

This brooch was laser cut in Buninyong, Australia using the eco-friendly wood of the Alder Tree.  Alder trees have a rapid growth rate and help increase nitrogen and organic matter in the soil, which assists in the improvement of soils with poor fertility.

 This brooch is only available in Aqua and Red Stripes.

Love you, mean it!