Collectif UK - Emerald and Diamante Bow Earrings

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This pair of earrings I fell in love with. They are my second favourite earrings from Collectif UK. I have only just started wearing emerald. I have always avoided greens, but I had bought an emerald Wheels and Dollbaby Dita Cardigan and I was hooked. I also have a dress from Gitane that is emerald green and black and these earrings are so stunning!

When I am buying from a supplier, items I usually don't purchase from them, I am very cautious. I want quality and then, when I am assured of the quality, then I will add the quantity. So, I am a very eager little bunny to bring more Collectif UK earrings into the store.

These types of earrings are "Fashion Jewellery". They are not the type of jewellery you would buy from a jewellers, therefore they have a shelf life. If you look after your fashion jewellery, you can keep it immaculate for years!

How do I keep my fashion jewellery looking fabulous?

Never get your fashion jewellery wet. Make sure you NEVER go swimming or have a bath or shower with fashion jewellery on. Make sure you NEVER spray perfume or deodorant on your fashion jewellery and MAKE sure your fashion jewellery does not come into contact with perspiration.

On my YouTube channel, Jo Jatoe, I will be showing you how I store my fashion jewellery and you may find it very useful.

Love you, mean it!