• Deer Arrow Floss the Flamingo Brooch

Deer Arrow Floss the Flamingo Brooch

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The Deer Arrow Floss Flamingo Brooch had 70 made. The rarity is "Rare".


The price is the exact amount I paid for this very rare brooch.

I do not want to sell my Deer Arrow collection. It took me so much time and thousands of dollars to curate it. The reason I am selling my brooches is because I am disabled, chronically ill and I have to pay for enormous medical bills that are not covered by health insurance.

The photos are of my brooch. They are not stock photos. You can clearly see the brooch is in immaculate condition.

We take no responsibility if the brooch is broken in transit. We have nearly 6 years of experience packaging and selling resin and acrylic brooches. We take so much pride and care so your brooch arrives safely to you.

We do recommend insurance. Just message us and we can get a quote from Australia Post.

We do combine orders, so once you have committed to buy, we will generate an invoice for you. 

We do not:

A. Hold brooches,

B. Accept bank deposit,

C. Accept offers,

D. Accept sob stories - I have my own sob story. I have a brain tumour.

I hope it goes to a home where it is not only loved, but worn.

Love you, mean it!