Disney Britto - Bambi and Thumper 75th Anniversary Figurine

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I adore, "Thumper". I'm now kicking myself for not buying one for myself. I love bunny rabbits. I've never been able to hold one as they are illegal in Queensland. One day I shall. I, also, haven't watched Bambi. When I was 7 my best friend, Hayley, gave me the Disney book, "Bambi". It was gorgeous with all of the Disney pictures, however, Hayley told me what happens to Bambi's mother. I never read the book (looked at the pictures only) and refused to watch the film. I still can't watch a movie with animals in it and I'm now 43! The other thing is my cousin did all of the tap dancing for "Happy Feet". I can't watch that either!

14 centimetres high

In honour of Bambi's 75th Anniversary, pop artist Romero Britto captures the fun and innocence of this beloved classic moment in a fresh, unexpected and totally modern way.

Love you, mean it!