Disney Britto - Eeyore Large Figurine

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My nephews grew up with the Disney, "Winnie the Pooh". I actually bought my oldest nephew a Winnie the Pooh toy at DisneyLand (the other nephew was not around yet) and a pair of Mickey Mouse ears. I've come to know the Disney version and I have to say, when I'm feeling a bit down, Eeyore makes me look like a bundle of joy!! Why is he so sad? If someone could tell me, I'd love to know, or should we get him some Zoloft???

18 centimetres high

Gloomy Eeyore gets the Pop Art treatment of artist Romero Britto. Bursting with bright, bold colours Eeyore makes friends with a diamond dusted red glitter butterfly.

Material: Stone resin

Love you, mean it!