Disney Britto - The Cheshire Cat Mini Figurine

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"Alice in Wonderland" has always intrigued me. I stole my sister's red, leather bound edition of, "Alice in Wonderland" and "Alice Through the Looking Glass". I was about 10 and luckily I read very quickly and returned the book so my sister didn't find out. It was a trip. I found it very bizarre because there were parts I just didn't understand and none of my friends had read the books. Fast forward to high school. I was brought up very innocently and we were in English class talking about Carroll and my teacher was telling us what a "hookah" is and opiates, mushrooms and laudanum. It made sense!!!

Lewis Carroll must have been whacked out of his head when he wrote those books! Instantly, the books made sense. Wow! The Cheshire Cat freaked me out the most, but I've brought it in for you!

7 centimetres wide and 7 centimetres high, so he is definitely a mini figurine.

Cheshire Cat and his signature big grin will win you over in this iconic Medium collectable figurine, adorned with signature Romero Britto pop art styling! 

Love you, mean it!