Disney Britto - Tinker Bell Figurine

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When I was a child, Sunday evenings were hectic! It's not like it is today and my sisters and I would wait for 5 pm because that meant Disney was on Channel 7. At then end of each show, Tinker Bell would flick her magic wand. (A lot of people get this wrong, but Tinker Bell is actually two words.) I just thought she was so pretty! Then they did the movie, "Hook". My Tinker Bell bubble burst.A beautiful Tinker Bell does not Julia Roberts make! I love the character soTinker Bell, I will stay loyal to your first Disney character!

I also have to admit, after the news, we watched, "Young Talent Time". Oh, the shame!!

21.5 centimetres high

Tinker Bell is all a glow in purples, greens, golds and iridescent pixie dust. Designed by pop artist Romero Britto.

Material: Stone resin

Love you, mean it!