Erstwilder - Special - The JA Bird of Paradise Brooch

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Erstwilder gave JATOE permission to rename this brooch. Last year my friend, JA, committed suicide. She was struggling with depression and we all thought she was doing much better. She was not.

I was supposed to go out to coffee and talk with JA the about the depression JA was battling on the Wednesday before her death. She adored Erstwilder and I had a brooch to give her. I was feeling unwell, so we remade the date for the following Wednesday.

JA succumbed to her depression and died on the Thursday. Everyone who knew her was in complete shock. We couldn't believe this illness took her away from this.

When you buy this brooch, please think of all the people who are battling depression. 1 in 4 Australians will have a depressive episode in their life, and I personally, don't think most people understand what happens when a person is so depressed, they take their own life. 

Please donate to the Black Dog Institute as per the wishes of her family and her friends.