Erstwilder - 5th Birthday Collection - Wonderful Whirlie Brooch

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A gentle blow to set the wheel in motion. Call it a pin-wheel, a wind wheel or whatever. We simply call it a party starter.


I have to say this is one of my favourite pieces of this collection. It takes me back to my childhood - a time before mobile phones, the internet, social media, heck, computers! It's just a delightful memory of a simpler time.

Information on your Wonderful Whirlie Brooch

Height 7 cm x Width 5.3 cm

All designs are made from layered resin and are limited in production to a maximum of 1000 units for world-wide release. All metal components are made from a lead and nickel free base-metal. Please note that as designs are produced from original illustrations and are hand assembled, hand painted and hand finished, there may be minor differences from piece to piece, making each as unique as the those who wear them. Gift box included.

How to care for your Wonderful Whirlie Brooch

Please be aware that resin is akin to ceramic and glass and therefore may be damaged if dropped or knocked. Keep your Erstwilder companion neatly tucked away in this box when not being worn, avoid contact with perfumes, lotions, water and excessive sunlight and you’ll have a trusted friend for years to come.

Love you, mean it!