Hearts and Roses Black Bolero 10-20

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Petals, wearing black is what I did for most of my life. Arty-farty actors wear it and although techs will be angry at me for putting them in the same sentence, lovely mechs and techs wear black. We have our black and then we have our "show blacks". I'm a little different because not only was I an actor and director, I trained as a tech as well. Love you, mean it, Jo! It's only now, that I've been out of the Industry, that I have started to wear much more colour. Having said that, I'm wearing black from the tips of my toes to the tops of my head.

Black is so versatile. You can dress it up or dress it down. When I'm working in the bricks and mortar store I will go through, with a customer, how they can buy an outfit and with a couple of accessories, make it multi-functional. I love styling and we will be doing that with a pin up model in one of our video blogs - Ms Deb!

This Bolero comes in Sizes 10 -20. It is made of cotton and unfortunately, it doesn't have the stretch we all like.

Please send photos of yourself to us. We would love to put them in our blog, our Facebook page, Twitter and Instagram. JATOE has always been considered a family. It started with our Facebook page. It doesn't matter if you have bought from us or not, the Facebook page has always been JATOE's family - always.
Love you, mean it!