Hearts and Roses - Princess Lily Dress in Red

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My mother and I fell in love with this dress. While looking at it she said, "It is fabalous!" If you go to our frequently asked questions you will understand why we spell fabulous with an a. It's not because I'm illiterate. I went to that Uni place and I have all of these stupid letters after my name.  It's summery, it's fun, it has a beautiful floral print and a gorgeous swing skirt. 

With Hearts and Roses dresses there is always either 3% of Spandex or Elastane. I know 3% doesn't sound much, but what it does is create a firm fit that emphasizes your curves without being restrictive. Unfortunately I couldn't get bigger sizes for this one, but as soon as Hearts and Roses have them back in stock, I will be in there like a flash.

With halternecks, some women are conscious about their arms. So everybody can wear dresses with halternecks, I have brought in a series of boleros. They are also fabalous for putting brooches on to make a statement about your dress.

Remember, English sizing is smaller than Australian sizing. You haven't gained weight overnight, you simply need a bigger size. *wink*

PS: Please send photos of yourself to us. We would love to put them in our blog, our Facebook page, Twitter and Instagram. JATOE has always been considered a family. It started with our Facebook page. It doesn't matter if you have bought from us or not, the Facebook page has always been JATOE's family - always.

Love you, mean it!