Hearts and Roses - Red Satin 50's Prom Swing Dress (6842)

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I had a little bit of a shock when I saw the new photos for this dress. I love it. It is so classy and so Pin Up and it is a favourite in the store. What got my attention when I saw the dress is that I have never seen a woman with such an ample bust wearing the dress. Now I know it is sexy as well!!! 

I haven't sold it with an underskirt. I really didn't like the old Hearts and Roses petticoats and even though it lost me a $69.00 sale each time, I could not allow customers to walk out of my store with an underskirt that looked terrible.

I have a very strict policy at JATOE - We never lie to our customers. I don't care if I lose sales left, right and centre, but I cannot let a woman leave my store with something she will never wear and will only collect dust in her wardrobe.

One day I had this gorgeous lady in and she was trying on blue tops. She put the first one on, and where my counter is I can see into the dressing room area. She came out and I yelled, "NO, NO, NO". It scared the living daylights out of her! LOL. I just told her straight, that particular blue did NOT suit her and I would get a blue that did suit her. She bought the one I got out. She looked lovely in it and it really brought out the blue in her eyes.

If you have a question about styling, please email us on: 

info@justatouchofeverything.com.au or you can read our blog or watch our video blogs *smile*

Information about your gorgeous Hearts and Roses - Red Satin 50's Prom Swing Dress

  • Invisible zip at the side
  • Luxurious soft satin fabric
  • With cotton underskirt and net trim
  • Ruched bust panel
  • Comes with a satin waist belt
  • 97% Polyester 3% Elastic
  • Machine washable


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