Hearts and Roses - White Bolero 10-26

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Boleros have become a must at JATOE. We, my darlings, are based in the tiny little village of Burrum Heads, in Queensland. It gets extremely hot and my beautiful ladies love our halterneck dresses, but they are so worried about showing their arms. It's funny, I've stacked on 30 kilograms from a medication called, Prednisone. It is this awful steroid and you breath and you gain a kilo. I care less about my arms being shown than what I was like when I had guns. For some women it is a really big thing and at JATOE I always try to bring everything my customers ask for. They want their arms covered - they get boleros and wraps. I do have the most darling customers.

These boleros are a plain cotton. They do not have any stretch to them. What is fantastic about them is that you can put bold brooches on them! JATOE is bold brooch heaven. I mean we have Erstwilder, Bok Bok Bgerk, Jubly Umph and Deer Arrow. I think I have the whole brooch thing covered. Whenever I can, I put in "plus sizing" - I shudder at that term. If someone can think of a better term, please email me on:


Please send photos of yourself to us. We would love to put them in our blog, our Facebook page, Twitter and Instagram. JATOE has always been considered a family. It started with our Facebook page. It doesn't matter if you have bought from us or not, the Facebook page has always been JATOE's family - always.

Love you, mean it!