Hell Bunny - Hermaline Mini Dress

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I bought a really gorgeous, "Finishing School" Dress and it is stunning. It cost way too much!! When I saw the Hermaline, it reminded me off it, but it is much lighter and you can wear it in summer. My darling petals, you cannot wear my dress in Summer. Up here we are dying because it is already to darn hot!

Some women will say, "That's too young for me". My response is "poppycock". I watched a little segment on, "YouTube" about "dressing for your age".  As far as I am concerned, you can wear whatever you want, from my store at any age. There is a Voodo Vixen dress I've brought into the store and my mother is modelling it. She is 65 years old. 65 years old and rocking Voodoo Vixen! You will have to find the listing, but she was complimented ALL DAY by women and a lot of men. I didn't tell Dad that part. *grimace*

This dress is very well made. The collar is spot on - I can't say the same for the finishing dress that I paid 5 times more for. The bow tie is removable. I think the bow tie is the "bee knees", but some women don't like them. Clever thinking, Hell Bunny!

It is a mini dress so I have a little trick is you are worried about your dress flying up when a wind blast hits you - weights in your hem. This dress doesn't have a large hem, but you can put a false hem on it and you put sew, into place, weight, like sinkers into the hem.

If flying doesn't really bother you - you go girlfriend! - we do have a range of fabulous stay up stockings in "Jo's Bibs and Bobs"

Now that I've bored you, this is the information below and "yes" it has Elastane in it! Woot Woot!

For eBay customers we need to send this dress in a 3Kg satchel. It weighs over 500 grams and a 1Kg satchel is too small for the dress. We only ever charge for postage.

    Print is of foxes, squirrels, rabbits, deer and flowers on a black background.

    White contrast collar.

    Black bow on the collar.

    Underbust seam.

    Seams from the underbust to hem to shape waist and skirt.

    ¾ length sleeves.

    Zip in the centre back seam.

    Seam on the back.

    Seam from the back seam to the hem to shape skirt and waist.

    Fabric content: 95% Polyester 5% Elastane.

PS: Please send photos of yourself to us. We would love to put them in our blog, our Facebook page, Twitter and Instagram. JATOE has always been considered a family. It started with our Facebook page. It doesn't matter if you have bought from us or not, the Facebook page has always been JATOE's family - always.

Love you, mean it!