Jo's Bibs and Bobs - Jo's White Hybrid Sock

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Hello my petals!

These socks have become known as, "Jo's Socks". When JATOE had its brick and mortar store, I always wore Hot Chocolate Shoes with my socks. My customers asked me to bring in the Hot Chocolate Shoes, so I did.


They lamented they didn't look the same because they didn't have my sock to go with them! My socks are a hybrid of a sock and a sheer pantyhose. You would think these would be delicate and hard to look after. No, they aren't. I just chuck them in the wash, I always use the delicates' cycle, and a pair lasts me three years.

I adore these socks and they look fabulous with Hot Chocolate Shoes!

Love you, mean it!


This items have been important and private labelled. As it stands, the Jo's Bibs and Bobs' line is private labelled. As JATOE expands, our fashion label, Mon Cheri Fashion, will overtake private labelling. I'm always looking forward to bigger and better things!