Jubly Umph Earrings Dangle Kitty Hook Earrings

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I love these earrings! I am fortunate enough to have the matching necklace, but alas, they are no longer made. :( 

Cat people of the world unite! I always find it "weird" when someone asks you if you are a "cat person" or a "dog person". Inevitably they are a "dog person" who wants to inform you how awful cats are. 

If you love cats, wear your earrings proudly!

Created from an original Jubly-Umph illustration these hook earrings are made from solid stainless steel coated with resin. They are, what I consider, just the right size. They do not overwhelm yet you can see how gorgeous they are. They come on a white Jubly Umph cardboard backing.

Measures: 2 centimetres x 3 centimetres
Hook: Stainless Steel and each hook has a silicon stopper so you never lose an earring! Such a great idea!

Love you, mean it!