Jubly Umph Handbag Teapot Handbag Purse

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It's no secret how much I love the quirkiness of Jubly Umph. I am a huge fan!

My mother LOVES Jubly Umph Handbags. They are just so gorgeous.She fell in love with Felix the Dapper Fox and I just sent her a Felix the Dapper Fox Handbag and matching wallet and the first thing she did was change her handbag and wallet. 

Jubly Umph no longer makes handbags, wallets or purses and this particular one is a unicorn. There will be a Jubly Umph fan rubbing their hands with glee!

This handbag is something I would refer to as a "purse". It is so retro in style. The style is from an original Jubly Umph picture and it is just delightful. The teapot features a sailing boat on it and the mixture of pink, yellow and aqua is just stunning.

It has a retro clasp close. The strap is detachable so you can wear it as a true "purse". 

The bag measures :

26 centimetres wide, 16 centimetres high, 9 centimetres deep


  • Fully lined;
  • Retro clasp closure
  • Vegan PU outer material and lovely fabric interior.
  • Detachable strap which is made of a chain, and interlocked with black Vegan PU. The strap is 126 centimetres long, so it can be worn crossbody as well.


With every handbag you have you should store it properly and use the the right protections and cleaners to keep your bag in top shape. This doesn't matter if its Leather, PU, Vegan Leather or Nylon.  For my cleaning and protection needs, I go to Strandbags. I have a collection of handbags that would make most women's jaws drop to the floor, but I swear by storing, cleaning and protecting. You can't go wrong. If you are not looking after your handbags properly, you are very naughty and need a smack on the bottom with a wooden spoon! 

Love you, mean it!
This bag weighs over 500 grams and is sent in a box for international customers.