Jubly Umph Necklace The Watcher Cat Statement Necklace

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It's no secret how much I love the quirkiness of Jubly Umph. I am a huge fan!

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This is a limited edition statement necklace titled "The Watcher" by Jubly-Umph

The original painting was part of Jubly-Umph's Nautical Curiosities exhibition which showed at Artboy gallery in Nov 2014.

This necklace has been created from solid stainless steel and resin and is hypoallergenic and waterproof.

It comes with a signed and numbered edition card and is presented in a custom black box.
It has been produced in a limited edition of 50 pieces

Size: 95 mm x 85mm(metal pieces)

Length: 50cm (adjustable shorter)
Material: Solid stainless steel
Love you, mean it!