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Pets Rock -Audrey Mug

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When I found these, I knew I had to get them for the store. My favourites are the Audrey and Spock mugs and notebooks. These are amazing mugs and so different and funky and unique!

Presented in a white cardboard box with cut-out section revealing an image of "Audrey", the Pets Rock mug is made from white porcelain featuring the "Audrey" image on both sides. It has a 330mL capacity an it is dishwasher and microwave safe. With the Pets Rock mug line, make sure you choose a mug that says, "Me". You may found that there is a collection of the mugs we have available say, "Me".

The other thing I absolutely LOVE is that when you take this coffee mug to work, everyone will know it is yours. It used to irritate me when people would steal my coffee mug. Their mugs would be filthy and so they would grab mine.

Each Friday afternoon I would have to do the washing up for the staffroom. I don't understand how people, who are professionals with university degrees, choose to let the kitchen in a staffroom turn into a pig pen! They wouldn't do it at home, and I would have to clean up every Friday because it drove me insane!!!!

Say, "Yea" if you agree with me! Venting over!

Love you, mean it!


PS: You can buy an Audrey notebook separately. It is gorgeous!