• JATOE sells ReStyle's Gothic Black Jewel Chain and Lace Choker

ReStyle - Gothic Black Jewel Chain and Lace Choker

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When I do the buying from ReStyle, which is in Poland, it is like being a kid in a lolly (candy) store! I just love ReStyle products and I get so excited when the shipment arrives from Poland and I get to put the products, in the website, to share with you all. They make the little part of my heart that is gothic and a little bit Steampunk, go pitty pat!

The black lace is gorgeous and I love how it is Victorian inspired. The black "jewel" is made of glass and there are three smaller ones and a large one that drops down. All the pieces are chained together and then chained onto the black lace.

The drop from the top of the lace to the bottom of the large jewel is 9 centimetres high.The jewelled section of the choker is 7 centimetres wide. The smaller jewels are 2.5 centimetres high and 1.8 centimetres wide. The large jewel is 3.5 centimetres high and 3 centimetres wide.

The lace is 33 centimetres long and 5 centimetres high at the tips of the lace. The chain at the back 9 centimetres long and you can adjust the length.

This is just a stunning piece and well sell the Red version as well. This is for people who love Gothic fashion jewellery, Victorian inspired fashion jewellery, Steampunk fashion jewellery and those who love to make a statement with their fashion jewellery.

Care Instructions:

Fashion jewellery does have an expiration date, however you can make your fashion jewellery last for years if you do some simple things.

  • Do not allow the item to come into contact with alcohol or perfume;
  • Do not let the item get wet - remember to remove it before bathing, swimming etc.
  • Keep the item away from perspiration.

Love you, mean it!


PS: If you would like to have more stock from ReStyle brought into JATOE, please contact me on our contact page, https://www.jatoe.com.au/pages/contact-us I always love hearing from my customers!