ReStyle - Red Rose Cameo Black Velvet Gothic Romantic Bag

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Whenever I want a truly Gothic handbag or a Steampunk handbag, I just think, "ReStyle". As I have said before, I am a handbag girl and I love all different types of bags, but there is a certain excitement that happens when I get anything from ReStyle! It's like Goth - Steampunk heaven!

I LOVE this handbag because it is Gothic and has a gorgeous red rose. It is the same style as the "Red Doll" Gothic Lolita Handbag and the "Grey Doll" Gothic Lolita Handbag. There is just one more to finish your set, the Purple Rose Black Velvet Gothic Romantic Handbag. If I want something from my partner, I have been known to print a copy or copies from a website and put in a big red circle saying, "I want that one". It makes the gift giving process so much easier! LOL!

The handbag made of solid black velvet and faux leather decorations.In the centre of the bag there is beautiful, detailed print of red rose, surrounded with faux leather frame. The stainless steel frame is decorated with floral ornaments and white zircons. They are just fabalous! On the sides there are two roomy pockets made of faux leather with velvet flaps fastened with magnet buttons.

Inside there is black ,soft lining with two pockets. A big zipped one and other smaller one.

A4 format doesn't fit to the bag, but it's very spacious either way!

The rose graphic is made by Euflonica


High: 25 cm

Length: 37 cm

Length of handles: 50 cm

A Tip from Jo:

Some women are shoe girls; other women are handbag girls. I am a handbag girl.

With every handbag you have you should store it properly and use the the right protections and cleaners to keep your bag in top shape. This doesn't matter if its Leather, PU, Vegan Leather or Nylon. If a you buy a handbag that doesn't have a dust cover, you can go to Kmart and buy some cheap white pillowcases, wash them thoroughly and store your bag. For my cleaning and protection needs, I go to Strandbags. I have a collection of handbags that would make most women's jaws drop to the floor, but I swear by storing, cleaning and protecting. You can't go wrong. If you are not looking after your handbags properly, you are very naughty and need a smack on the bottom with a wooden spoon! 

Love you, mean it!