ReStyle - Vespertilio Violet Bat Pendant Necklace

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I love alternative fashion; I always have. My two favourites are Gothic and Steampunk. With Steampunk, I see the fashion as works of art. Of course, spending over 30 years being an arty-farty, you appreciate art in all of its forms. With Gothic, I love the style of the clothes, I love the jewellery, I love the literary works and I love the architecture. It doesn't make me an "Emo" or a "Goth"; just someone who really appreciates it and loves it.

ReStyle is my "go-to" supplier for a lot of my alternative fashion, handbags and jewellery. The quality of the handbags is incredibly and they are so reasonably priced and the jewellery meets the European standards of "fashion jewellery".

There is a difference between "jewellery" and "fashion jewellery". In JATOE bricks and mortar we have about 6 pieces of "jewellery". These are real pieces, real gemstones and made by a real jeweler. "Fashion Jewellery" is a completely different kettle of fish. That tackiest I think of is D$%a. (I don't want to get sued!) These are pieces that don't cost very much, don't come from a jewellery store such as "Prouds", "Wallace Bishop", "Hardy Brothers", etc.

Unlike "Jewellery", "Fashion Jewellery" has an expiry date. Now I have pieces of "Fashion Jewellery" that are over 30 years old and they look as good as the day I bought them. The trick is too look after them. Do not get them wet. Do not spray perfume on them. Do not let perspiration get on them and store them, preferably, in a bag. I use a combination of organza and velvet bags. Now if I can keep Fashion Jewellery for over 30 years, so can you! I wish I could do a heart emoticon.

About your ReStyle - Vespertilio Violet Bat Pendant Necklace

  • This beautiful pendant presents bat wings in matte black color.
  • In the centre there is a polished gemstone surrounded by ornamental frame.
  • Below there is a black drop in metal setting with decorative pattern.
  • Pendant comes with adjustable chain.
  • Measurements:
  • High with the drop part 8.5 cm
  • Chain length 40-50 cm
  • Every piece of Restyle jewellery is compatible with EU law and it's safe for your skin. 
Love you, mean it!