• The Dark Crystal - The Chamberlain Skeksis

The Dark Crystal - The Chamberlain Skeksis

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I'm just going to tell you straight, I do not like the Skeksis. They freaked me out as a kid. If you have not watched, "The Dark Crystal", "Labyrinth" of "The Princess Bride", you are missing out on such wonderful films. All done before CGI, puppetry is used and the movies are "magic"

I am an avid collector of Pop Vinyls so that gives me an insight in how they must be looked after. I check each box and each Pop to ensure it is in mint condition. It is then wrapped and we have appropriate packaging. No Pop Vinyl leaves my store until it has been checked by me and photographed.

For those of you who think it is a silly thing, I have sold Pop Vinyls at $350. They usually retail at $18.99. Something to think about :) xoxo

The "Chamberlain Skeksis" Pop Vinyl is a must for collectors of Pop Vinyls and fans of the classic film, "The Dark Crystal".

Sometimes a Pop Vinyl, especially a bobble head, can move in its casing during transit. We cannot take responsibility for this. When it leaves our store it is in mint condition.
Please send an email to info@justatouchofeverything.com.au if you have an queries. We are always here to help.
Love you, mean it!